Watch Our New Video: Why New Yorkers for Parks

We're often asked why New York City needs an independent group fighting for our open spaces. We decided to let the experts do the talking: Hear from open space stewards, community leaders, and local park and garden advocates on why the work of NY4P is essential for a healthy, thriving city.

Directed by Everette Hamlette

In Order of Appearance:

Thomas L. Kempner, Jr.
Chairman, Central Park Conservancy
Co-Executive Managing Member, Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP

Sheila Barksdale-Gordon
Co-Founder, We Run Brownsville

Mychal Johnson
Volunteer, Friends of Brook Park
Co-Founding Member, South Bronx Unite

Iris Weinshall
Chair, Prospect Park Alliance
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, New York Public Library

Danny Chervoni
Head Gardener, Friends of Brook Park

Benny Wong
Co-Founder, Elmhurst Supporters of Parks
Daffodil Project Volunteer

Frizzi-Lilian Linck
P.S. 59 Harborview School PTA
The Harbor Learning Garden/Green Thumb Committee

Ebelin Garcia
Research Intern, New Yorkers for Parks
Student, City College

Aziz Dehkan
Executive Director, New York City Community Garden Coalition

Dionne Grayman
Co-Founder, We Run Brownsville