Remembering Robert Douglass

January 9, 2017

We were deeply saddened by the December passing of Robert R. Douglass, the longtime chair of the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association and the founding chair of the Alliance for Downtown New York. Mr. Douglass was a key player in the revitalization of Downtown Manhattan, and played a pivotal role in the area’s recovery and revival after the attacks on September 11th. We were incredibly honored when his family chose our Daffodil Project as the recipient of memorial donations, and planted our bulbs in his honor. Every spring those daffodils will bloom in Bowling Green, brightening the community he was so dedicated to. We want to offer sincere thanks to his family and loved ones, whose generosity helps us bring the Daffodil Project to neighborhoods across New York City. 

Make a donation to the NY4P Daffodil Project in memory of Robert Douglass.