Release: NY4P Applauds Creation of New Fund for Parks Nonprofits

New Yorkers for Parks Applauds Creation of New Fund for Parks Nonprofits, Calls on City to Adequately Fund All Open Spaces as New Yorkers Grapple with Pandemic

New Yorkers for Parks (NY4P), the citywide advocate for parks and open space, released the following statement from Executive Director Adam Ganser, applauding the creation of a new fund for parks nonprofits, and calling on the City to adequately fund the Parks Department: 

“The creation of the NYC Green Relief & Recovery Fund is great news for the many nonprofits that care for New York City’s parks and open spaces. Many of these groups were formed to fill the gap in city funding and address the neglect and disrepair they faced during the fiscal crisis of the 1970s, and we can’t risk going back to those dark days.

There are still many more parks in the city that depend solely on City funding, and these parks and the communities that use them are also struggling through the pandemic. As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, New Yorkers are turning to parks for refuge. With pools and recreation centers closed, and the fate of beaches uncertain, we can expect to see even more pressure on our remaining open spaces.

That is why we are calling on the Mayor and the City Council to ensure that we have the staffing and funding to ensure all our parks and open spaces are clean, properly maintained and safe for all New Yorkers. Along with the over 250 members of the Play Fair Coalition, which includes parks nonprofits organizations, we are calling on the City to invest $47 million in the NYC Parks Department in the fiscal year 2021 budget, including protecting 340 critical maintenance and safety staff positions which are due to expire on July 1.

New Yorkers are relying on their parks to keep them healthy and safe, perhaps now more than ever. Now is not the time to neglect them.”



About New Yorkers for Parks:

For over 100 years New Yorkers for Parks has been the independent champion for quality parks and open space for all New Yorkers. Through our research, advocacy, and the Daffodil Project, we work with communities and elected officials to promote and preserve quality open space across the city. They are a founding member of Play Fair, a multi-year campaign to protect and create jobs, and ensure open spaces receive essential maintenance and care, particularly in light of the increased use of parks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more: or