NY4P in the News: Park Access Restrictions due to the Coronavirus

On May 7, 2020, NY4P released a statement about Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to potentially close or restrict access to parks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

NY4P's statement was highlighted in the following press pieces.


Fox 5 New York

NYC may limit the number of people allowed into city parks

May 7, 2020


Queens Daily Eagle

Mayor plans park restrictions before opening streets in Southeast Queens

May 7, 2020

The Wall Street Journal 

New York City May Limit Crowds at Parks to Fight Spread of Coronavirus

May 7, 2020


NYPD Will Limit How Many People Can Enter Hudson River Park And Domino Park

May 8, 2020

New York 1 

De Blasio Says City May Limit Number of People in Some Parks

May 8, 2020


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