NY4P in Broadway World: COME FROM AWAY and New Yorkers for Parks Partner to Support The 21st Annual Daffodil Project

COME FROM AWAY and New Yorkers for Parks Partner to Support The 21st Annual Daffodil Project

By A.A. Cristi

September 21, 2022

New Yorkers for Parks and the Tony & Olivier Award-winning musical Come From Away joined forces to honor the lives lost to 9/11 by partnering in support of the 21st Annual Daffodil Project, New York's largest annual volunteer program, which brings together volunteers across New York City to plant daffodils as a living memorial to honor New Yorkers lost to 9/11.

As the final event in Come From Away's "5 Days of Giving Back & Commemoration," cast members distributed 1,275 daffodil bulbs to audience members to plant in their local parks.

"The Daffodil Project is such a beautiful initiative-I had the opportunity to plant bulbs at a public garden near the 9/11 museum and it made me feel connected to New York and the amazing community I have discovered here," said Come From Away original cast member Astrid Van Wieren. "For 21 years New Yorkers have come together to plant bulbs with the promise of sunshine yellow blooms in spring. For the finale of Come From Away's five days of "Paying it Forward and Commemoration", we will be giving out hundreds of daffodil bulbs to our audiences! I am delighted to think that these bulbs will be planted in so many different gardens and parks sparking feelings of community, kindness and joy."

Since the Daffodil Project's inception in 2001, over 400,000 volunteers have planted more than 9 million daffodil bulbs. Throughout twenty years of bulb distributions, plantings, and perennial blooms, the Daffodil Project's mission has grown. Today, the project serves as memorial for the victims of September 11 and the COVID-19 pandemic, a catalyst for citywide parks stewardship and civic engagement advancing New Yorkers for Parks' call for 1% of the city budget for NYC Parks, and a celebration of the New Yorkers championing parks equity and resilience in their communities.

"The Daffodil Project is an opportunity for New Yorkers to come together and create a beautiful, living memorial for those we've lost, sparking healing, togetherness, and joy," said Adam Ganser, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Parks. "Flowers, parks, and natural spaces have a significant impact on our quality of life, and New York's city government must follow through on Mayor Adams' commitment to increase spending for the Parks Department to 1% of NYC's annual spending."

"The Daffodil Project is a reminder of how crucial parks are to New Yorkers' quality of life and the urgency of boosting NYC Parks funding to 1% of our city budget to ensure parks are safe, clean, and accessible for everyone. I'm proud to support the Daffodil Project with $10,000 in discretionary funding to bring our community together and also help raise awareness about the importance of investing in our parks," said Councilmember Shekar Krishnan, Chair of the Parks Committee.


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