NY1 Coverage: Daffodil Project 9/11

'Daffodil Project' Marks 15 Years of 9/11 Remembrance

April 13, 2017 

By Roger Clark 

A local non-profit is using mother nature to honor victims of the September 11th attacks.

It's called the "Daffodil Project" and was started by New Yorkers for Parks.

Organizers give away free yellow bulbs to community groups to plant across the city as a living memorial for 9/11 victims.

Yellow is the color of remembrance.

Organizers this week are marking 15 years since the first bloom.

One of the groups that's played a role in the effort is the Red Hook Conservancy.

It says volunteers not only plant daffodils but help beautify city parks as well.

"We planted the bulbs in the fall I think we had over 100-something people all together come in every weekend to help us plant and then people come in and they help us with the gardens, help us with the painting of the benches,the tables, they clean up. Whatever needs to be done, it gets done by the volunteers," said Red Hook Conservancy Founder and President Marlene Pantin.

Since its inception, thousands of volunteers have planted more than 6.5 million bulbs across the city.

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