News 12 The Bronx Coverage: Daffodil Project

Daffodil Project spreads millions of flowers in remembrance of 9/11

October 14, 2017 

THE BRONX - A group is working to remember the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks by spreading hundreds of pounds of daffodil bulbs.

Run by the nonprofit group New Yorkers for Parks, the Daffodil Project was started as a living memorial for 9/11, and has taken off from there.

Some 7 million bulbs have been given out since 2001, and 40,000 were spread in the Bronx on Saturday alone.

The bulbs come in bags weighing in at 35 pounds, but that hasn't stopped eager planters. In fact, the group has a wait-list for the project.

While many enjoy the vibrant appearance they flowers give off, participants say it's even more important to remember those lost over 16 years ago.

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