A Message From Lynn Kelly

December 16, 2016

I am very excited and honored to be at the helm at New Yorkers for Parks. I’ve only been here two weeks, and we’ve hit the ground running – we’re hosting a series of webinars to provide parks-lovers with the tools they need to improve their parks, and we’ll soon announce our next round of community meetings in each borough. I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow Parkies, and learning from you about the biggest issues facing our parks. We’re also gearing up for the next City budget and the Mayoral election, crafting park priorities based on the feedback we gather from you.

When I was considering this position with NY4P, it occurred to me that some of the most memorable moments of my life took place in parks across NYC: the first goal I scored with my soccer team on Miller Field in Staten Island; my first ride on the Cyclone; my college graduation in Washington Square Park; and finally running up that long, long hill in Prospect Park.

I’m sure all of you as New Yorkers have memories of parks that are equally significant. We love parks because they give us places to grow and celebrate, but also because we need them.  Simply put, New York cannot be a great city if it does not have great parks.

We are in a critical time for open space in New York City. Development is happening at a rapid pace across the five boroughs, and tourism is at an all-time high – and that’s a good thing. Those industries keep jobs in New York and help ensure a robust economy. But for me, it underscores the need to ensure that NYC strikes the right balance between development and open space.

New Yorkers for Parks is going to continue pushing for quality parks and open space that serves the needs of all New Yorkers. We will keep working so that all New Yorkers live in healthy neighborhoods where they can thrive, so that future generations will also have fond memories and a deep connection to their parks.

I am very grateful for your support, and I look forward to working with you all,