5 Reasons Why Dedicating a Daffodil for Mother’s Day Is Better than Buying Bouquets
Corlears Hook Park, Lower East Side
Corlears Hook Park, Lower East Side

If the thought of trying to find a unique and thoughtful gift for your mother or grandmother for Mother’s Day makes you break into a cold sweat, don’t worry – we’re here for you.

Are you thinking about the usual gifts, like brunch and bouquets? Here are five simple reasons why dedicating a daffodil is better:

  1. The Daffodil Project is BIG.
    • Since its start in 2001, The Daffodil Project has planted over 7 MILLION daffodil bulbs across New York City, and every year we distribute about half a million more. Can you get mom a bouquet of 7 million flowers? We think not. 

  2. When you dedicate a daffodil, flowers will bloom year after year.
    • No more wilting bouquets. One less thing for mom to clean up. Every spring she’ll see daffodils blooming across the city and think of you, her favorite child*.

  3. The Daffodil Project is very New York.
    • Does your mom love New York City as much as you do? Yes? Wow, she sounds so cool! Does she know that the daffodil is the official flower of NYC because of the project? No? She will once you dedicate a daffodil in her honor!

  4. The Daffodil Project is all about empowering local communities.
    • NY4P gives away free daffodil bulbs to community groups and individuals who plant them in public spaces, for everyone to enjoy. When you dedicate a daffodil, you’re not just helping to beautify the city in her honor – you’re giving New Yorkers a powerful tool for improving their neighborhoods.

  5. A gift of daffodils is said to bring joy and happiness.
    • This one is easy: moms deserve to be happy.
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens

With giving levels starting at just $25, your contribution has a big impact! You and mom can help us keep the project going year after year, making New York City stronger and more beautiful.

Dedicate a daffodil today!

Dedicate a Daffodil by Wednesday, May 9th to receive a paper certificate in time for Mother's Day, or by Friday, May 11th for an e-certificate.

*New Yorkers for Parks cannot guarantee that you will be her favorite child.