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Greg Anderson: Because in New York you don’t have a lot of open space that you can personally garden in, so seeing that much space available for the community, it’s like a no brainer.

Gil Lopez: And they were like, basically demanded that our community group beautify the street, and they were like no, no, no, how much money do you need? And that’s not what we’re about, we’re not about contracted labor, we’re about building power and respect for our community.

Kofi Thomas: There is families on that street and the way they walk home has changed. Like now they don’t skip that corner.

Sara Jones: Can’t be selfishly thinking “Well, at least they’re not coming for us,” No, they’re coming for us! They’re coming for all of us!

Jessica Saab: This is Lots to Grow, a new podcast about communities and gardens by New Yorkers for Parks. I’m your host, Jessica Saab. Join us this summer.

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