The Daffodil Project℠ FAQ

New Yorkers for Parks' Daffodil Project is the one of the largest volunteer efforts in the city’s history. It launched as a living memorial in remembrance of the victims of 9/11. Registration opens in the fall, distribution events take place in the fall, and the blooms come in the spring. 

All 2022 distribution events have now taken place. If you were not able to attend one of these events, then you cannot pick up any bulbs unfortunately. They've all been given away for the 2022 season.

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Download the planting instruction guide in English & Spanish




I submitted my daffodil request – when will I hear back? Upon registering, you should receive an automatic reply email that confirms your registration. You will receive additional emails leading up to the distribution event with reminders and details.

I never received email confirmation for my registration – what should I do? Email to make sure your registration was recorded.

Do I have to request to pick up the bulbs in the borough I live in? No, if the distribution in your home borough does not work for you, please select another location that does.

How can I get more bulbs? Email with special bulb orders.



I’m late – what happens to my order? If you arrive after 12:30pm, we will try to honor your registration, however the waitlist is first-come first-serve. 

Do I need an ID to pick up my bulbs? No, you just need to give us your first and last name.

Can someone pick up bulbs on my behalf? Yes! Just have them check in with your name.

How much do the daffodil bulbs weigh? The large net bags (550 bulbs) weigh about 35 to 40 pounds. The smaller tote bags with bulbs can weigh between 15 to 25 pounds. We suggest you bring a hand cart to transport them.

It’s raining – is the distribution still happening? Yes, all our distributions are rain or shine.

How did you choose the distribution locations? We try to provide multiple distribution locations that are accessible and close to mass transit and parking.



Where can I plant the daffodils? In any public place in NYC! Parks, playgrounds, community gardens, street tree beds, schoolyards, NYCHA campuses, churches, DOT plazas, cemeteries, and more. The main goal is that they bring joy to other New Yorkers so anywhere they can be seen by the public is perfect.

Do I need permission to plant in a park? Yes. You’ll need to have permission from NYC Parks before you plant any bulbs on NYC Parks property. There are two options:

  1. If you’re part of an established community group that hosts It's My Park (IMP) projects with Partnerships for Parks (PfP), you should request bulbs and permission through the IMP Project Leader application.
  2. If you are not an established community group that works with PfP, you can seek permission through a PfP group project request (at least 3 weeks in advance of your project) or through your local park conservancy or NYC Parks park manager/administrator.

Do I need a business’ permission to plant in front of them? We encourage you to talk directly to a business to see if they already care for any open space or tree bed in front of their business and to coordinate planting and care.

How do I plant daffodil bulbs?

  1. Plant bulbs in the fall before the first frost in a well-drained site in full sun or partial shade. Prepare the soil by incorporating ample organic matter such as compost if necessary. 
  2. Dig 6 inch deep holes 4 inches apart. Place 1-3 bulbs in the hole with the pointed side up, root side down. The bottom of the bulb or bulbs should rest firmly on the bottom of the hole. Cover with soil. 
  3. Water the bulbs thoroughly and cover with a layer of mulch. 
  4. After they are finished blooming in the spring, remove the spent flowers from the stalk, and take care not to cut the leaves.
  5. Once the leaves have turned yellow, you can cut them down to the ground. This means the bulb has stored all of the energy it will need for next year’s bloom and will allow them to bloom year after year! 

Download the PLANTING INSTRUCTION GUIDE in English & Spanish

When is the best time to plant? Daffodil bulbs should be planted before the first frost – usually mid-October through the first week of December.

I have left over bulbs – what should I do? Store them in a cool dry place until you can plant them.

Can you give me tools for my bulb planting? Unfortunately, no. If you are part of an active park or garden group, we encourage you to look into small grants and crowdfunding with organizations like Citizens Committee for New York City and ioby.


Spreading the word

What can I do for NY4P in return for getting free bulbs?

  • Spread the word: let your friends, family, and neighbors know that they can get free bulbs through our program!
  • Tell the press: If you have press on your planting day, please mention that you’re participating in New Yorkers for Parks’ Daffodil Project!
  • Post on social media: Share your planting events and spring blooms and tag us on FacebookTwitter, and InstagramUse the hashtags: #TheDaffodilProject #DaffodilProject #NY4P #NewYorkersForParks
  • Send us your daffodil photos: Please send your photos to or tag us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!