Are you interested in getting more involved in the Daffodil Project? Sign up for our Bulb Brigade, your chance to volunteer with NY4P and community groups around the city. 

Possible volunteer activities include:

Distributing and planting bulbs in the fall: NY4P sponsors distribution days in each of the five boroughs in the fall, during which anyone who has pre-registered for free bulbs can pick up their orders. Bulb Brigade volunteers are needed to bag and distribute bulbs and collect registrants’ information. Distribution days are great opportunities to meet park and neighborhood advocates from around the city and help us spread the word about the Daffodil Project and NY4P’s broader advocacy mission.

Cleaning up blooming sites in the spring: Each spring, NY4P works with select “friends of parks” and other community groups to weed and clean up daffodil planting sites and often needs volunteers to help with these efforts.

For more information, or if you are a community group who received Daffodil Project bulbs and would like to request the help of the Bulb Brigade, please contact Gabriella Cappo, Community Outreach Coordinator, at 212-838-9410 x303 or gcappo@ny4p.org