Where would New York City be without its green spaces, its playgrounds, its pools and its beaches? Great parks create vibrant, welcoming neighborhoods. They create a sense of community, stability and civic pride in a dense, rapidly shifting city.

New Yorkers for Parks is the independent research-based advocacy organization dedicated to preserving and improving these spaces, to ensuring that resources for these spaces are equitably distributed, and that they’re well-maintained – not just right after they’re built, but for generations to come. 

NY4P thanks our partners and supporters for their continued support during the COVID 19 crisis.

While we shelter indoors for the foreseeable future, this crisis has only underscored the importance that our parks and open spaces play in the lives of New Yorkers. In fact, they have become the front lines of this crisis as people rely on these spaces for respite and fresh air, emphasizing what we have been saying for decades: parks and open spaces are critical city infrastructure.

At NY4P, we remain committed to serving New Yorkers who are relying on their parks now more than ever, and supporting the dedicated park workers out in the field each day keeping our parks clean and safe for the public.

Your support will help us ensure that NYC’s treasured parks and open spaces can continue to serve New Yorkers, not just now when they are needed most, but also well into the future when this crisis has passed.

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