Dedicate a Daffodil

You can share the Daffodil Project by dedicating daffodils in honor of a family member, friend, or your favorite community organization. They'll receive a customized daffodil certificate commemorating your support of communities across New York City in their honor.

Give a gift that never stops blooming!

Daffodil Project blooms in Staten Island
Daffodil Project blooms in Staten Island
Donation Levels

$25 – 250 bulbs, beautifying tree pits along a street
$50 – 500 bulbs, brightening up a community garden
$100 – 1,000 bulbs, filling a schoolyard
$250 – 2,500 bulbs, revitalizing a neighborhood park
$500 – 5,000 bulbs, across a whole borough
$1,000 – 10,000 bulbs to plant throughout New York City

Please note that these free bulbs are distributed to anyone who agrees to plant them in public spaces throughout the five boroughs. NY4P cannot guarantee that the bulbs will be designated to a specific park or borough.