Plant Free Daffodils
“At first we just used the gloves we had laying around the house; another volunteer had some industrial trash bags; a neighbor had a few rakes; another gave us some Mexican sunflower seeds that she just happened to have. The first time we planted bulbs from The Daffodil Project we had no idea what we were doing. But in the spring we had beautiful flowers! It would all just come together like that.” - Nilka Martell, Loving the Bronx

Whether you've been working in your local open spaces for years, or you're just getting started, The Daffodil Project is an easy and effective way to build community and strengthen your advocacy. Many of NYC's strongest and most effective park advocates and activists got their start by planting daffodil bulbs from NY4P. 

And it's not just about parks - New Yorkers across the city use The Daffodil Project as a way to meet their neighbors, provide after school and weekend activities for young people, give seniors an opportunity to exercise and engage, educate themselves and others about sustainability and horticulture, and in many other ways. If you see a need for your community, there's a good chance that The Daffodil Project can help!

If you'd like help starting or growing your park volunteer group, reach out to a Partnerships for Parks Outreach Coordinator who can connect your with education and resources.

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