How Can I Improve My Park?
Become an Advocate for Open Space
How can I improve my park? guide for new park advocates
How can I improve my park? guide for new park advocates

Did you know that everyday New Yorkers can influence the city to build new park amenities? One of the most common questions NY4P hears from residents is, how can they make a difference in their neighborhood open spaces? There is money to be had from our elected officials for improvements and we want to help you navigate through the process of advocating for and acquiring this funding.

If you're new to park advocacy, our Improve Your Park quick guide is a great place to get started. It provides an overview of all NY4P resources and how to use them, what actions you can take throughout the year, and who you need to know in your local community and in New York City government.

How Can I Improve My Park? is a bit more in-depth, and walks you through every step of the advocacy process. This collaboration of NY4P, the Center for Urban Pedagogy, and Partnerships for Parks teaches you everything you need to get started - from what type of funding you'll need to advocate for, how to build a coalition, to how to reach elected officials.

Download How Can I Improve My Park? in English or Spanish, or watch our in-depth webinar, below.

How Can I Improve My Park? Webinar
How Can I Improve My Park? webinar

You can read the transcript of the webinar here.

Give Testimony to City Government

Giving testimony at a City Council hearing is a great way to make your voice heard to local government. Although the process may seem difficult, once you know the basic rules and procedures it’s actually a simple and effective way to help influence local policy. In this webinar we explain everything you need to know to present testimony on the issues you care about, covering everything from how to frame your message, how long it should be, to how to check in.

You can read the full transcript of the webinar here.

Going On The Record: Making Your Voice Heard to City Gov't
Learn From Other Park Advocates
Chelsea Garden Club
Chelsea Garden Club

In our "Meet a New Yorker for Parks" series we profile open space advocates and professionals from across the city who share their challenges, successes, and advice for other New Yorkers who want to make positive change in their community. 

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