How Can I Improve My Park? 
In this webinar, based on our "How Can I Improve My Park?" advocacy guide, we explain the kinds of park and garden improvement projects possible, and how to navigate the process of getting them. Learn the difference between types of funding, get tips on how to build a case for improvements, and strategize ways to engage elected officials. This webinar is for anyone who wants improvements, but doesn’t know where to start!

Going on the Record: Making Your Voice Heard to City Government 
Giving testimony at a City Council hearing is a great way to make your voice heard to local government. Although the process may seem difficult, once you know the basic rules and procedures it’s actually a simple and effective way to help influence local policy. In this webinar we explain everything you need to know from how to check in, how to shape your messaging, to how long your testimony should be.

Public Realm Bill of Rights for New York City 
The Public Realm Bill of Rights lays out the principles the city should follow in creating and maintaining quality open space for all. This webinar gives an in-depth look at the bill and each of the articles.