Summer Surveying Begins

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How does NY4P create conscientious, well-researched reports? Our survey interns are the key: they collect thousands of data points about conditions in New York City’s parks. Those results are analyzed by trained statisticians and contextualized by our Planning staff. That’s how we learn what NYC Parks does well and what the agency might need additional capital or operation funding for in order to make improvements. We build the base for our advocacy and budget work from data.

This summer, our six interns are collecting data for a new Report Card on Parks. They will focus on neighborhood parks within the DeBlasio administration’s Community Parks Initiative zones, allowing NY4P to measure what more needs to be done to continue and expand the CPI program in these important neighborhoods where parks have been poorly funded.  Almost 40 parks of 2 to 20 acres will be surveyed before Labor Day.

Surveyors work in teams to grade park features and document the conditions that they see. This summer, we’ve been able to add more survey interns due to a new partnership with Futures & Options, a workforce development program serving New York City youth. Our Futures & Options interns will help us to collect data – and they’ll help us to reach more park users and engage them with our research.



L – R: David Olea, Demani Williams, Maggie Randall, Chhime Sherpa, Victorio Matias, Marcel Negret

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