Statement from New Yorkers for Parks Executive Director Tupper Thomas on the Appointment of Mitchell Silver

Friday, March 21, 2014

Parks lie at the heart of New York City neighborhood life, in every corner of every borough – infrastructure as essential as housing, sewer lines and roads. The impact these spaces have extends far beyond their boundaries.
It is for this reason that we commend Mayor de Blasio’s appointment of Mitchell Silver as the next commissioner of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. Commissioner Silver’s expertise in planning and community development is an inspiring signal that the de Blasio administration acknowledges the essential role parks play in the health and development of our city’s neighborhoods.
The opportunity before Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Silver is complex, but golden: creating a more equitable park system for all New Yorkers. The solution must be a nuanced one. First and foremost, the public budget for park maintenance and operations should be increased, and more full-time jobs should be created. The city’s successful, established conservancies – an essential pillar of our park system – have a role to play, too. The key to involving the private sector is to bring these groups into the fold, as part of the solution.
As the city’s leading park research and advocacy organization for more than 100 years, New Yorkers for Parks looks forward to working with Commissioner Silver on these and a host of other essential issues, working to build a stronger New York with great parks – and great neighborhoods.

Tupper Thomas appeared on NY1's "Inside City Hall" last Friday to discuss top priorities for Commissioner Silver. You can watch it here (Time Warner Cable subscription required).

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