Announcing our 2015 Daffodil Project Photo Contest

Monday, April 06, 2015

Last year's winning photo, taken by Jay Weber in Astoria Park

The 5.5 million daffodil bulbs planted by volunteers in all five boroughs of New York City over the past 14 years are once again in bloom! In honor of this, we are pleased to announce the opening of our annual Daffodil Project Photo Contest to all amateur photographers, gardeners, and New Yorkers who love their parks and open spaces. We are excited to see the beautiful results of the hard work of the volunteers who have helped to plant bulbs every fall since 2001. 

For more information about where some of the daffodils can be seen, check out our Blooming Map. Get outside, visit your favorite local green space, and help us document this citywide beautification project! The winning photographs in each category will receive two guest passes to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, along with gardening books, a Daffodil Project tote bag, and other goodies! 

Directions for submission:
Email photos to – the deadline to submit photos will be determined at a later date, as the bloom times across the city will vary. Photos must be in jpeg format with resolution suitable for printing (300+ dpi). The photograph of the blooming daffodil(s) must have been taken in one of NYC’s five boroughs in the spring of 2015. 

We are excited to announce that for this year’s Daffodil Photo Contest there will be three categories that participants can submit photos to: Daffodils in the City, Daffodils and the Community, and Daffodils and Animals. We will select one winner from each category.

Photo Guidelines:

City: Landscape and cityscape photos are both beautiful in their own right, but they can be especially powerful when they are combined. For this category, we are looking for images that capture daffodils in their urban context. This can include buildings, NYC landmarks, and anything of or relating to our urban environment. 

: As spring progresses, daffodils will be enjoyed by thousands of New Yorkers, all thanks to the efforts of the dedicated volunteers that make the Daffodil Project possible. Submissions for this category can include daffodils with the organization/individuals that planted them, scenes of daffodils in high foot traffic areas, and images capturing your neighbors, passersby, and the community at large enjoying the daffodils in bloom. 

Animals: Our pets and native fauna all enjoy New York City’s open spaces, and this is the perfect opportunity to capture them and daffodils together! For this category, photos can include daffodils with dogs, cats, squirrels, migratory birds, insects, and yes, even some of our less popular native wildlife (pigeons and rodents, we’re looking at you) enjoying the blooming flowers.

When submitting your photograph, please provide the following in the body of the email: name of photographer, age of photographer, phone number, address, date the photo was taken, the category you wish to submit the photo to, and the exact location (park, intersection, etc.) where the picture was taken. If you are a member of the community group that planted the bulbs, please include the name of your group as well. Please put “Daffodil Project Photo Contest submission” in the subject line of the email. 

All submissions will be uploaded to New Yorkers for Parks’ Facebook page. There will be two categories: Photographers 18 and under and Adult Photographers. Winners will be chosen based on content and artistic value. The submissions that receive the highest number of votes from our Facebook “fans” will proceed to the second round of judging. The final decision will be made by New Yorkers for Parks staff. If you would like to vote in the first round, “like” New Yorkers for Parks on Facebook.

Photographers will retain the copyright and all other rights to photographs submitted, except those rights specifically listed below:

You are granting New Yorkers for Parks a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to publish the photographs you enter in editorial, educational, promotional and other uses. You also grant New Yorkers for Parks the right to use your name in connection with the photograph as well as in promotions and other publications associated with the contest. By submitting your photo, you are agreeing to these terms.

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