NY4P Warns of Parks Budget Crisis in Daily News Column

Friday, April 20, 2012
The Parks Department is facing a budget crisis, and NY4P sounded the alarm in an opinion column in the April 9 Daily News. The article, written by NY4P Chair Emeritus Lynden Miller, Chair Edward Wallace and Executive Director Holly Leicht, reiterates NY4P’s March 22 testimony at a City Council hearing on the Parks Department's preliminary FY13 budget. At the hearing, and in our column, we noted the depletion of DPR’s maintenance budget and staff since 2008 and the potential impact of an underfunded parks system.
“New York City’s public officials must not abandon our parks and streets — no matter how bad the fiscal crisis,” the piece says. “Our world-class parks attract tourists, raise property values, retain residents and reduce crime. Despite the many demands on the budget, the needs of parks in all five boroughs cannot be ignored. These public spaces are more important than ever as proven economic engines, social equalizers, and constant affirmations of why we live in this city. If this is overlooked once again, New York City and its citizens will suffer.”
You can read the full column here.

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